How I suck cocks to cumshot :

I use two techniques to suck guys to shoot their loads in my mouth. The first technique I start by wrapping my mouth tighly around the head of his cock with one hand wrap around the base of his cock, I then gently work my head deep up and down his cock in a series of deepthroat making sure my hand and mouth is still tighly wrapped around his cock. I keep this going until I can feel his loads hitting the back of my throat and only letting go occasionally for a second or two to harvest and swallow any pre-cum juices he might have deposited in my mouth.

The second technique, I wrap my mouth tight around the head of his cock and use my hand to jerk him of as fast as I could at the same time sucking the head of his cock and going deep occasionally. I notice this technique delivers his pre-cum juices quicker in to my mouth and I clean up the head of his cock of any pre-cum juices and keep sucking until I can feel his cum loads hit the back of my throat.

You will see me use these two techniques in all of my sucking to cumshots and swallow videos available for download in member's area.

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